England’s Most Successful Football Clubs

Football is undoubtedly the most popular sport in England. The country is also host to one of the most prestigious football leagues globally, the Premier League, a competitive domestic league that attracts the top football clubs. In this article, we have shared the most successful football clubs in England based on the number of trophies won.

1. Manchester United: 66 Trophies

Even though the Red Devils have not won any trophies recently, they are the most successful football club in England. United has raked in a whopping 66 trophies, including the Premier League, FA Cup, Europa League, Champions League, and League Cup. United’s 20th League title will forever be remarkable as it got them to the helm as the most successful English club.

2. Liverpool: 65 Trophies

The Reds come in at second with the Anfield cabinet boasting 65 trophies, just one trophy shy of Manchester United. However, under Klopp, Liverpool has redeemed themselves and considering their current crop of players and form, it won’t be a surprise if they stack up a few more trophies soon to topple the Red Devils and become the most successful English football club.

3. Arsenal: 48 Trophies

Third on the list is the Gunners, who have been putting up lacklustre performances in recent times. But with 48 trophies, including 14 FA Cups (the highest number), Arsenal is one of the most successful clubs in England. Despite the horrible form of the Gunners, it’s unlikely that they will move places now that there is a massive gap between them and Liverpool and the teams trailing them.

There you have it, folks, three of the most successful football clubs in England. Other worthy mentions include Chelsea with 31 trophies, Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur tied with 26 trophies and Aston Villa with 25 trophies.

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